▪아름다운 사람들 (Beautiful People)

하나 둘 셋
One Two Three

아름다운 사람들 길을 걸어간다
아름다운 사람들 뒤 돌아보잖고
아름다운 사람들 거침없이 간다
아름다운 사람들 하얀 이마 위엔 햇살이
Beautiful people walk.
Beautiful people don’t look back.
Beautiful people go without hesitation.
Beautiful people has sunlight hitting their foreheads. 

아름다운 사람들 나를 두고 간다
아름다운 사람들 모든 걸 잊는다
아름다운 사람들 빛을 향해 간다
아름다운 사람들 뒤로는 길고 긴 그림자 
Beautiful people leaves me.
Beautiful people forgets everything.
Beautiful people follows the light.
Beautiful people have long shadows behind them. 

이젠 달라질 거야
모든 것이 새로워질 거야
그들이 내게 말하길
계속 돌아갈 거야
모든 것이 
더 나아질 거야
그들이 영원할 수만 있다면
They tell me:
Things are going to change.
Everything is going to become new.
Things will go on and on, and eventually will become better.

If they could last forever.


너를 처음 만난 게
너무 오래된 일이라
I wonder when it was – the first time we’ve met.
It’s been a while. 

너는 항상 내 주윌 맴돌았지
나와 함께 가고 싶단 듯
You were always around my sight somehow.
As if you wanted to come along with me.

난 그게 당연한 듯했어 
너의 손을 잡고 걷는 것이
I thought it was natural to hold your hand and walk along together .
Holding your hand, and wondering around.

마치 내 두 손을 맞잡은 듯 
내가 너인 듯 네가 나인 듯
그렇게 느꼈어
It was like I was holding my own hands in a way.
As if I were you, and you were me.
That’s how I felt. 

every you, every piece of you
천천히 다가와 
서서히 움직여
나를 만드는 너
Every you, every piece of you.
Slowly, you come close to me,
and gently, you move me.
Then you complete me. 

every you, every piece of you
천천히 다가와
서서히 움직여
나를 망치는 너
Every you, every piece of you.
Slowly, you come close to me,
and gently, you move me.
Then you destroy me. 


하늘이 점점 어두워지고 있어
마치 폭풍이 몰아칠 듯이
The sky is getting dark
as if a storm is coming

하지만 난 아무것도 걱정하지 않아
너와 함께 걸으니
but I don’t worry about a thing
there’s nothing makes me feel afraid
because I’ve got you by my side

나를 봐
아픈게 아픈 줄도 모르던 가엾은 난 없어
How could I face this fear and the darkness inside me
if I couldn’t see your smile

이것 봐 이만큼 날 이끌어 온 너야
내 맘을 들어봐
Yes, you did
You’d saved my life
and changed it into something good
So I sing this song for you

넌 나의 길이야
내 발이 닿는 곳은 어디든 너일거야
난 너를 걸어
You are the road
the road I’ll always walk on
Wherever I go
I can feel the sun is shining on me

넌 나의 꿈이야
내 맘이 닿을 곳은 어디든 너인거야
네게 날 걸어
You are the dream
the dream my heart would always reach for
Wherever I go
I can feel the warmth of you in side of my heart


I was still in bed
One and two
fell asleep again
Three and four and five
just passed me by
Then I remembered I’m all alone

went out for a meal
Seven eight
wandered the empty streets 
Then I realized a simple thing
my life is nothing and it’s truly untrue

I didn’t mean to sing this
but i can’t help myself today
It’s nine and the sky is dark as my eyes
I think it’s time for me to go
don’t call me after nine

I didn’t mean to sing this
but I can’t help myself today
it’s nine and my heart is pale as the street lights
I think it’s time for me to go
don’t call me after nine

it’s nine and I’ll try to forget all
all the things I’ve sung today
don’t call me after nine


Aren’t you tired yet?
I can barely open my eyes
Did I give up on you?
No, but I think it’s time

What if I run away from this twisted time?
You could never take me back
What if I burn this bridge?
All you can do is stand there

It might be the time I’ve desired
I can feel it
cause I can’t see what’s ahead of me
I might be the love of my life
I can feel it
in your eyes what I can see is me

▪Not Yet

Everything you say
I can’t resist
You’re so enlightening
so interesting
so gigantic
But the thing is
am I just right for your?

Every game you play
I can’t walk away
You’re so good at it
so breathtaking
so fantastic
But the thing is
am I enough for you?

Every move you make
I can’t get enough
You’re so attractive
so arousing
so electric
But the thing is
am I the one for you?

Am I enough for you?
I’m just asking
Don’t feel pressure
Am I the one for you?
I’m just asking, but I’ll be waiting

You’re my cosmos, but the universe is mine


Go, now!
No time to choose shoes

Go, now!
Don’t hold up no more

Go, now!
What you believe is right

Go, now!
Then you’ll realize

Everything is fine
Do you feel safe?
Now can you dive into the world?
Your time is now
Just give it a go
with your big smile

You know
there is no secret
It’s just a dream that I dreamed
and now we can make it real
Our world will never fall down